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Wednesday Adult Ministries
10:30 am

There are many opportunities to connect with and grow alongside other believers at Berea Baptist Church, whatever your circumstances. Our adult ministries encourage spiritual growth and fellowship as we encourage and admonish one another in the faith, working to develop disciples who are spiritually reproductive, engaged in ministry, fervent in prayer and obedient to God's Word.

Open Prayer Meeting

Our adult ministry meets at 10:30 for a half hour of open prayer.

Adult Bible Study Group

They will then, at 11:00 am, continue their study through the Bible. Currently they are working through the book of Genesis.

Wednesday Family Ministries
6:30 pm

Adult Bible Study Group

Adult Bible study meets for a lesson taught by Pastor Phil.

Children's Bible Study

There are specific lessons and activities for age 3 1/2 to 3rd grade, taught by one of wonderful volunteers.

Student Bible Study

Our student ministry meets for study and activities lead by Pastor Bill.

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